9.6. Event Types

With today’s hectic life, we need more clarity in order to be able to prioritize tasks and use our time effectively.We have come up with a solution to facilitate this process - Event Types. Event Types allow to see the status of events with attendees at a glance and aid collaboration with other people.

What are Event Types?

Event Types are aimed to distinguish between the appointments you have in your calendar - right now, these are the types we’ve introduced:Default - events that are either accepted by everyone or in case you’re the organizer.

Unanswered - events you haven’t provided RSVP yet.

Declined - events declined by you. Please note that declined events can be also hidden in the Settings.

Attention - events that are declined by everyone except the organizer.

Maybe - events that you’re still contemplating to attend.

Out of office - vacations, sick leaves etc. Please note that currently we can only display Out of Office events created in Google.

All the event types have their own unique look, so you will be able to understand the type of the upcoming meeting with a glance on all your devices.

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