1.2. How to sync with Google calendar

To sync Calendars 5 with a Google account tap Google Calendar when launching Calendars 5 for the first time.


Then enter your Google account credentials and allow Calendars 5 access to Google Calendar events.

You can also sync Calendars 5 with your Google Calendar any time, regardless of the option you've selected at the first launch.

To do this:


  1. Tap  .
  2. Tap  .
  3. Tap + Add Account > Tap Google and enter your Google account credentials.


  1. Tap  .
  2. Select Connect to Google calendar and log in with your Google account credentials.  

All the changes applied to Calendars 5 will appear in Google Calendar in 5 sec, depending on the internet connection speed. 

All the changes applied to Google calendar on the web page will appear in Calendars 5 app

  • after tapping Sync your Calendars button under the Settings menu 
  • immediately after launching the app
  • immediately after calling the app out from the background in case more than 5 min after the last sync has passed  

Note: Google Calendar connected directly from the application will sync events only 1 year ahead and before the current date.

If Calendars 5 does not sync with your Google Calendar account, please go to Settings>Support and tap Send feedback to send a support log to us. A detailed description of the whole situation will help us to find a solution for you.

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