5.4. Notification Center in Calendars 5

Calendars Notification Center allows you to manage invitations that you receive from your friends and colleagues. When you receive an invite you will be able to reply to it using one of the three status icons:  

  • Green check - You accept the invitation
  • Question mark - You are unsure whether you will attend an event or not
  • Minus sign - You decline the invitation
Note: If you are using a free version of the Calendars app you need to purchase the Invites & Attendees In-App Purchase to have access to the Notification Center.
To access Notification Center follow the steps below: 
  1.  Tap the “3 horizontal lines” icon.
  2. Drag “hamburger menu” down.
Note: To access the Notification Center on your iPhone, you need to have at least one invitation in New or All tabs

  1. Click the “Bell” icon in the upper right corner.
  2. Select New or All to view invites.
  3. Choose your status for the invitation.
Once you choose choose your status for the invitation, it will be moved from the New to the All tab of the window.
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