2.6. Using the internal browser

The internal web browser in the Documents app allows:

  1. Viewing, reading and saving web pages as HTML, PDF and Web Archive
  2. Saving bookmarks
  3. Downloading files straight to Documents.

To start browsing, tap the Browser tab on the sidebar on iPad or tap the browser icon on your iPhone.

To configure browser settings, tap Settings  and go to the Browser section: 

  1. Choose the destination folder for downloads (Downloads folder is set by default)
  2. Change the Search Engine of the browser
  3. Clear all data and cookies 

To save a web page:

  1. Navigate to the web page to save
  2. Tap on the Downloads icon  on the menu bar
  3. Tap purple Save Page button
  4. Select the format - whether to save the page as an HTML document, a PDF or a Web Archive
  5. Choose the appropriate name and location for the file

Please notice that the Documents app browser allows you to open websites in multiple tabs.

Please tap 'Tabs overview’  and '+' buttons on the menu bar of the internal browser in order to open a new tab on the iPhone version of the app.

Please tap the ‘+’ button on the top bar of the iPad version of the app in order to add a new tab. 

You can also perform the long tap on any link of the currently opened web page and select the new tab opening for it.

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