2.7. How to view files using iTunes

If you connect the device to your Mac/ PC and move any document to the Documents app using iTunes file sharing, the file will be found in the iTunes Files folder of the app.

Follow the steps below to transfer files and folders to/from Documents via iTunes file sharing:

1. Connect the iPhone/iPad to your computer via USB cable.  

2. Launch iTunes on Mac/PC and click on the device name. 

3. Click on the Apps tab and scroll it down.   

4. Click on the Documents app icon. 

5. Use drag-and-drop to load your files or click ‘Add File’.  

The files that are in the iTunes  Files folder in the Documents app are available in iTunes app on your PC under Documents tab.

To disable the iTunes Files folder in Documents, launch the Documents app > go to Settings > tap File Manager > Turn off the iTunes Files toggle.      

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