1.3. Music stops when the screen is locked

Documents app allows you to listen to audio and video files when the app is in the background or the screen is locked. If the music stops while in the background, please open Documents settings > Advanced > disable iOS data protection toggle. The media position in files won't be saved as well if iOS data protection is enabled and the app is restarted.

Please note: video files (e.g. .mp4 video) will be paused once you lock the screen. However, you can still listen to videos in the background.

  • Once the screen is locked, tap the Play button on the lock screen to start the video;
  • You can close Documents app and work with other apps while listening to the video file from Documents in the background. For this, start the video in Documents, close the app; to start the video again, tap the Play button in the control center;

  • If you use iPad Pro, iPad Air or later, iPad mini 2 or later, you can listen to videos in the background using Picture in Picture feature. For this, start the video, press the Home button and the video will shrink down and continue playing at the bottom of the screen while you can work with other apps.

If this does not help, drop Support Team a line.

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