7.5. Annotation Summary

Documents lets you view and manage all your annotations in one place so that you could quickly access your most important mark-ups. It is very useful when you want to refer to the specific key points you have emphasized previously. Besides, you can export all your annotations as a separate file to focus on the most valuable things.

How to view the list of annotations and search through them:

  1. Open a file;
  2. Tap at the top right on your iPad or at the bottom on your iPhone;
  3. Open the Annotations tab on the right ;
  4. Here, you can see all your annotations sorted by page number. You can tap an annotation to jump to the corresponding page;

  5. To search for a word or phrase within your annotations, please tap the search field and type your query. On iPhone, slightly scroll down to reveal the search field;
  6. To filter annotations by color, tap the color wheel near the search field and pick a color.

How to export annotations:

  1. Open a document;
  2. Tap at the top right on iPad or at the bottom on iPhone;
  3. Open the Annotations tab on the right;
  4. On iPad, tap Export at the top right. On iPhone, tap Export Annotations;
  5. Name the file and select where to save it;
  6. Choose one of the export options: Annotation Summary saves the list of all annotations as an HTML file while Annotated Pages creates a new PDF file from the pages containing annotations;

  7. Tap Export.

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