4.7. Time Capsule set up

Follow these steps to set up Time Capsule in Documents 7:

Note: Time Capsule is shared through the AirPort Extreme Wi-Fi router. 

  1. Make sure you're running AirPort Extreme utility under macOS System Preferences.
  2. Turn on Time Capsule.
  3. Connect it to the same Wi-Fi as your iOS device.
  4. Launch Documents 7.
  5. On your iPad, tap + Add Connection on the sidebar. 
    On your iPhone, tap Connections at the bottom.
  6. Select WebDAV and tap the blue Available Devices icon.


  1. Find your Time Capsule on the list of available devices.
  2. Now, you can set up a WebDAV connection using your Time Capsule IP address and account name in Documents 7.

Note: Don't forget to mention the Shared folder in the appropriate field.

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