11.2. Share text with other apps

When you read a PDF book in PDF Expert 7, you can select the text and copy it to other apps. For example, you can share a part of a document over a messenger or add the selected text to Notes.

How to copy PDF text to other apps:

  1. Open a file in PDF Expert 7.
  2. Tap and hold on the text to select it.
  3. In a pop-up message, tap Share.
  4. Select the app to share the text with. If you don’t see the desired option, scroll to the right and tap More.

You can also share a file with the nearby Apple devices using AirDrop.

If you decide to save the text to Files or send it via AirDrop, it will be shared as a .txt file.
For messengers and email apps, PDF Expert 7 just pastes the selected text to your message.
Here’s how the shared text looks in Notes and iMessage:

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