7.4. Redact sensitive data in PDFs

PDF Expert 7 offers a handy Redact tool to hide sensitive information in documents. You can quickly blackout or erase names, addresses, credit card numbers, and other data not intended for sharing.

Note: The Redact feature is available as a part of the PRO pack. But if you've previously bought PDF Expert 6 with the in-app purchase, you can redact data without a subscription.

How to redact a PDF file:

  1. Open the document.
  2. On the top toolbar, select Edit PDF.
  3. Tap Redact.
  4. Select the text to redact it. Please note: There is no possibility to restore the redacted text after saving the file.

To cancel the redaction, tap on the toolbar.

Note: The app automatically permanently saves changes if you close the file or switch to another tab.

There are two types of redaction in PDF Expert:

  • Blackout (default) removes the selected content and puts a black box in its place.
  • Erase removes the text and leaves an empty space in its place.

To choose the redaction type, tap and hold on the Redact tool on the toolbar and select the needed option.

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