5.7. Paste stickers to PDFs

Add more fun to your PDFs with our collection of colorful stickers! We've created eight stickers packs for educators, business people, cat lovers, and more.

How to add a sticker to a PDF:

  1. Open a document.
  2. Tap Annotate on the toolbar.
  3. Select Stickers.
  4. Choose a stickers pack to download.
  5. Tap the sticker you want to add.
  6. You can tap and old the sticker to move it.
  7. To resize the sticker, just drag its corner.

How to copy or delete a sticker:

  1. Tap a sticker in a document.
  2. In a pop-up menu, select Copy or Delete.

How to edit the sticker list:

  1. Tap Annotate on the toolbar.
  2. Select Stickers .
  3. To add a new stickers pack, tap the plus sign at the top right.
  4. To manage the current stickers packs, tap Edit at the top right.
  5. You can drag & drop the stickers packs to reorder them.
  6. To delete a stickers pack, tap the minus sign near it.
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