1.3. How to convert web page

There are several ways to convert a web page:

  • You can select and copy the URL of the web page in the Safari address bar. After that open PDF Converter and go to Clipboard tab, the web page should be there ready to convert.
  • You can add "pdfhttp://" to the beginning of the page URL in Safari address bar. The link will look like pdfhttp://readdle.com/. This will launch PDF Converter automatically.

NOTE: The pdfhttp:// method described above may not work for protected pages.   

  • You can copy the URL of the web page or use the "pdfhttp://" method and open the Clipboard tab, log in on your web page via the Clipboard tab. As PDF Converter contains the built-in web browser the secured web page would be opened in PDF Converter as well.
  • You can tap and hold on the web page (the place without active elements) to select its contents. Select All or the part of the text needed and tap Copy. After this open PDF Converter. The part of the page you've copied will be available in the Clipboard tab. 

If the web page you would like to convert is secured (protected by authorization), we suggest the following solution:

  1. Copy the link to the web page.
  2. Go to PDF Converter app > tap Clipboard on the side panel > wait for the Login page to appear > Insert your credentials.
  3. When the page you would like to convert appears > press Convert in the upper toolbar.

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