2.1. Annotate a PDF

2.1 Annotate a PDF

To start annotating the PDF document, tap Annotate button to reveal the annotation toolbar. Then select the tool you need from the sidebar.

To hide the annotation toolbar, tap Annotate.

Please note: there are four separate Pen tools available. The first two Pen tools provide the possibility to use the minimum line width of 1 pt, the two bottom Pen tools — 0.5 pt. Pressure sensitivity works for the two bottom Pens on the Annotation Toolbar. If you would like to use Apple Pencil without pressure sensitivity, you can select one of the first two Pen tools.

Some annotation tools can also be selected by tapping and holding the text and choosing the tool from the pop-up menu.

Please note: the highlight tool will work for the PDFs with a text layer and it will not work in scans. To highlight the text in scans, you can use the Shape (Line) or Pen tool annotations with the necessary opacity level.

  • tap and hold the text in PDF file 
  • tap and hold the body of PDF file
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