2.7. How to sign documents

With PDF Expert, you can sign a PDF document or a form by placing your personal signature at any place within the document or in a signature field.

To add a signature:

  • Open a PDF.
  • Select Annotate.
  • Tap Signature icon on the toolbar.
  • Select 'Create New Signature' if you'd like to add a new signature and save it for the future use or 'Customer Signature' if you'd like to draw a single time signature for the current use only (Customer signature can not be copied in a document).
  • Tap the part of the PDF page where you'd like to add the signature.

To delete a saved signature from PDF Expert app, all you need to do is to select Signature tool on the toolbar, tap 'Select' button, choose the signature(-s) you'd like to remove and tap the 'Trash' icon.

The alternative way of signing files in PDF Expert:

  • Tap and hold on any place of the document till the popup menu appears.
  • Select 'My Signature' or 'Customer Signature' option.

If both Spark by Readdle mail client and PDF Expert are installed on your device, you can sign PDF attachments using PDF Expert tools without closing the email. You can even save the PDF attachment as a Flattened copy without re-attaching it from PDF Expert.

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