2.16. Text to speech

PDF Expert allows reading the text of your PDF out loud. To start reading the text on iPad:

  1. Tap  
  2. Enable Text to speech toggle   
  3. Tap to select the language and change the speed of the speech by scrolling indicator.     
  4. Tap on the text    
  5. Tap Play on the player controls below  
  6. Use the controls to stop the playback or go to another page.  

To start reading from a certain line, tap and hold on the line and select Read from here at the popup. To select another chapter tap

Note: Text to Speech feature is available only for iPad at this moment.   

Here is the workaround for using Text to Speech on iPhone:

  1. Activate Speak Selection toggle in iOS Settings > General > Accessibility > Speech section.  
  2. Activate Edit mode ( T| ) in PDF Expert > Text > Select a phrase > Tap arrow button > Speak.  

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