3.1. Filling out forms

With PDF Expert you can use the following active fields and elements on the form:

  • active fields
  • boxes
  • fields with the drop down lists
  • calculations
  • signature fields

Note: To highlight form fields go to Settings of the app > PDF > turn on Highlight form fields.

You can tap the active field to type the text:

Tap the selected box to mark it.

Note: Red boxes are obligatory to fill in.

Tap the triangle icon in the field to see the drop down list.

PDF Expert support calculations in forms. So you can type in the data and see the result in the appropriate fields.

Tap the signature field and choose the signature type.

My Signature is saved within PDF Expert and can be used again until you change it.
Customer Signature is used once and cannot be copied.  

To clear My Signature that was saved earlier, click on the sidebar > choose > tap > and Save.

Note: To remove the data from the fields, tap on the arrow icon and choose Clear Form.

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