4.1. Text Tool

To start editing text, activate Edit tools by clicking the  icon in the top toolbar of the iPad and the   icon in the top toolbar of the iPhone.

Please note: PDF Expert app allows to create text annotations (add text notes, fill forms fields, sign documents etc). Tap the Annotate tab on the toolbar to use them. Pro text editing features are available as a separate in-app purchase and allow to edit the contents of the PDF added by the creator of the file and embedded in the file. You can find more information on the Pro features in our blog post. Tap the Edit tab to access the Pro features.

You can only edit text in electronically created PDF files with text layer; if you work with a scanned PDF file where text content is not searchable, the text can not be edited. As a workaround, you can redact the text and create the new next line over the empty area.

To add a new text block in a PDF file:

  1. Click on the ‘Text’ button  
  2. Tap where you want a new text block to be inserted.
  3. Start typing. Use the toolbar at the top of the keyboard to choose the font family, font weight, style, text size, color, align the text.
  4. Once done, click on the blank space to save the changes.
  5. Select the text to edit it or change its properties.     

To edit text in a PDF file:

  1. Tap the ‘Text’ button  .  
  2. Tap the paragraph to start typing in the box.
  3. Select a word or phrase to change using the toolbar at the top of the keyboard or use the context menu tools to work with selected text. 

To edit block(s) of text or rearrange contents of the PDF using the Content selection tool:

You can edit properties of one block or several blocks of text at once. For this, tap the Content selection tool, select the paragraph(s) you need to edit and use the options in the Format section to apply changes.

You can also use the Content selection tool to rearrange contents of your PDF file. For this, select multiple blocks of text and images and drag them to another place of the document.

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