4.4. Redact sensitive information

From time to time, you may want to hide some info in a PDF file from others’ eyes. It could be a surname, sum of money, ID, or any kind of private, sensitive content. The Redact tool is exactly what you need for these situations. 

How to Redact

1. Open PDF file in PDF Expert

2.  Tap on Edit Image-1 2.png in the upper toolbar.

3. Select Redact option on the side toolbar  

4. There are two types of redacting: Erase and Blackout.

  • Blackout removes selected sensitive content and puts a black box in its place.
  • Erase removes the selected sensitive content and leaves an empty space in its place.

In order to select redacting option, please tap and hold the Redact icon. When a call-out menu appears, select the needed option

Image 7.png

5. Select the fragment of text you want to redact. Voila!

In case you change your mind, and would like to Undo this action, tap the Undo  icon Image-2 2.png on the side toolbar.

Note: The changes will be automatically permanently saved if you close the file or switch to another tab.

You can search for the specific words you want to redact in PDF throughout the entire document:

1. Tap and hold Redact icon. When a call-out menu appears, select Find and Redact option.

Image 7.png

2. Type in the search query (word or phrase) that you want to redact through the file in the search field on the upper toolbar

Image 8.png

3. When all search results appear, tap either Redact or All.
- Tap Redact if you would like to redact the search results one by one
- Tap All if you would like to batch-redact all search results. 

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