2.18. Using Search in PDF Expert

There are several types of Search in PDF Expert: file manager search and search in the opened file. You can also use Search in your list of Outlines, Bookmarks, and Annotations.

Once you open the app, you can use File names or Content search. Enable the File Content Search (PDF Expert settings > File Content Search) to be able to run searches to find specific words in the content of PDFs.

  • On your iPad: tap the Loupe icon to use search.
  • On your iPhone: swipe down from the middle of the screen to reveal the Search icon. Tap it to use search.

Sort the search results by file type.

Search results are split between folders and you can see the results in the current folder

The PDF Expert search mechanism uses 'And' logic. When you are looking for an exact phrase in the content of a file, e.g. 'color healing', type the phrase in the search bar. All files where this phrase is mentioned will be displayed in the search results.

Note: Once you open the PDF from the search results, you will not be redirected to the place in the PDF file where the phrase is located. Tap the Loupe icon inside of the PDF file. The phrase you were looking for will appear in the search bar automatically and you can tap any search suggestion to be redirected to the page where the phrase is located. 

You can also use Search in your list of Bookmarks, Outlines, and even Annotations. Tap the Bookmarks, Outlines, Annotations summary icon  on the top toolbar of the file, then swipe down to reveal Search and quickly find the information you are looking for.

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