1.2. Cannot identify printer

If Printer Pro cannot find your network printer, please follow the instructions below.

Your printer can be identified by its IP address. On condition that it is attached to your home or office network and has a static IP address, you can add it to the Printer Pro (Lite) application manually. To do this, follow the steps below:   

  1. Open the Printer Pro (Lite) application.    
  2. Tap the blue Add Printer button. 
  3. Tap Add Manually.
  4. Tap IP Printing.  
  5. Type in your printer`s IP address (e.g. Note: you can find the static IP address on the printer device itself or in the Network section of its settings. You can check your printer's user guide for more information.
  6. Tap Next Step.   
  7. Print a test page and calibrate your printer according to the onscreen instructions or follow the steps in this article.     
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