5.3. Documents are not printed properly

If you are faced with the situation when your printer does not print documents properly (it prints blank or black pages, the text of printed documents is too small or it's just gibberish) you can try changing your printer's language. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Printer Pro (Lite).
  2. Swipe over the field with your printer and tap Delete.
  3. Connect to your network printer once again.
  4. Print the test page.
  5. If the test page doesn't print properly, tap LOOKS BAD.
  • If you see the list of the available languages, select one at random and print with it. Repeat this procedure until you find the one that works with your printer 
  • If you see the Oops! screen it means your printer can only use one language which is not supported by Printer Pro. In this case follow the instructions here.


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