1.6. How to setup Cloud Printer

The helper application Cloud Printer allows printing to a default printer on any computer with Printer Pro Desktop on the web. 


  • Both printer and computer should be turned on 
  • The printer should be set as default on the computer 
  • The computer should be connected to the Internet 
  • Printer Pro Desktop should be installed

To connect to Cloud Printer follow steps below:

  1. Open Printer Pro on your iPad and tap Add Printer. 
  2. If you cannot find your computer's name in the list, tap Add Manually. 
  3. Tap Install Desktop App.
  4. Tap Already Installed.
  5. Tap Not in the List.
  6. Tap Cloud Printing.
  7. Type in your personal Authcode.
  8. Once the connection to the printer is established, you can use it to send files to print from anywhere.
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