3.1. Fax scans

Scanner Mini can send a fax to 50+ countries around the world.

To fax select the scan and tap Share. Choose Fax option, enter the recipients credentials, fill out the fields and press Next.


Fax history could be found in the app Settings 

Allow Scanner Mini to send push notification to receive the delivered/failed status, when the app is closed:


Note: The Fax Unit Pack is calculated automatically by the app based on the country of the recipient and quantity of fax pages. 

In most countries you can fax up to 3 pages using Fax Unit pack 1 ($0.99). If you need to fax up to 7 pages you will use the Fax pack Unit 2 ($1.99). If you fax more than 7 pages the app will use Fax Unit pack 5 ($4.99)

Then sign in to your iTunes Store account, confirm your In-App Purchase and tap Buy

If your fax was not sent by the application, click here.   

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