1.6. Siri Shortcuts

iOS 12 Siri Shortcuts are now available in Scanner Pro. With the latest iOS Siri can suggest the shortcuts to build a fast and easy workflow. 

Now Scanner Pro would launch with a simple Siri command. 

To use Siri Shortcuts, update your device to iOS 12 (iPhone 5S and newer, iPad mini 2 and newer). You need to update Scanner Pro to 7.3.13 version. If it hasn’t updated automatically, go to the App Store > Updates, find Scanner Pro and tap Update.

Creating a shortcut:

Go to Settings > Siri & Search > Suggested Shortcuts > All Shortcuts. This menu displays the apps with shortcuts support and the actions you frequently use. Find Scanner Pro on the list and tap the + icon.

You can record a personalized phrase for Siri to perform a shortcut. Tap the Recording icon, say your command and tap Done.

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