5.3. Fax did not pass

If you received the message that the fax failed go to Scanner Pro app > Settings > Fax History > tap the fax with this status: _0wLWj9WIVaBBHecah9QZdKjhSBm5IG8ZIekU5Ll62fS9tKXr3i815vLYY6LGXc4xeVljqV8nHDu0Jzh5SM9Z9-vr-wfEeVSRuarR-rdaVmD67jJ-H2U1QzD4zsC8ZKPPeafEuK0.png

Make sure that all the credentials were entered correctly and hit Re-send. The next fax will be free.
In the fax history you would see a new fax with the status

If it didn't work this way, please contact our Support team. For this, tap here

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