3.3. How to edit scan

Tap the scan to open the Edit mode. Choose Retake to make a new scan.

Select the scan you want to change and once it is visible, tap it and locate Edit to make changes to the scan.   

To change the borders of it tap change border button and drag the borders of a blue screen to highlight the preferable area. 

Also, it's possible to choose the processing type Color Photo, Color Document, Document and Grayscale.  

Tap Sun button to change brightness and contrast level.

To change the size of the scan choose the top button with the size or go to the app Settings to set up the Default Page Size for all your scans. To rotate the scan press Rotate.          

Tap Done at the end of editing.  

You can also rename the scan:

  1. Tap the scan name under it and add a new one.
  2. Select More to Share and Delete the scan.
  3. Select Distortion Correction button at the top right to delete the curve that appears if the scan is taken from a big book. 

Note: All the scans made before Scanner Pro 6.0 update can't be edited.  

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