2.4. Auto Upload

Automatic Upload is available for Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneNote, OneDrive, Evernote or any WebDAV server.  

Scanner Pro will upload a copy of all files you create in the storage of your choice. 

Note: It only works for new and updated scans, the ones you had in the app before setting auto-upload have to be uploaded manually. 

To set Auto Upload for one of the services, open the app settings and tap Add Cloud Service. Log in to your account. 

Go to Auto Upload section and select one of the storages from the list, log into it if necessary and choose the target folder for upload and the scan format.   

Toggle on Auto Upload using Wi-Fi only to restrict upload to wifi.    

If you see error upon uploading  scan to  Dropbox/Google Drive/OneDrive/OneNote/Evernote/WebDAV server , consider re-adding cloud storage account in Scanner Pro settings -> Cloud Services and then try uploading the scans again. 


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