1.4. Radar

Use Radar feature to identify photos of documents and receipts among other photos in your Photo Library automatically.

Note: Radar does not upload photos to Scanner Pro, it just displays content from your Photo Library.


1. Open Scanner Pro and launch Radar using top toolbar. The app will search through the Photo library and display documents and receipts, ordered by date.

2. Tap at the images to select them, then proceed using Radar icon in the bottom right corner.

3. If you want these to be uploaded to Scanner Pro, tap Save in the upper right corner.



Note: this icon changes as you select photos, it turns blue and displays a number of photos selected.

If Radar did not identify a photo you need automatically, you can easily do it manually.

1. Tap at Radar icon in the bottom right corner.

2. Select new docs using tap&hold. Hold until Marking as Document is finished. Now Radar will identify them too.

If Radar did not identify a photo correctly, tap&hold it unless it is marked as Non-Document.


You can disable Radar if you want:

1.Tap at the upper right top to open Settings.

2.Proceed by tapping Advanced Settings.

3.Disable Radar.

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