2.1. Workflows

Workflows is the powerful automation tool that was introduced in Scanner Pro 7 and allows you to create a list of actions that would be automatically applied to scanned documents.

To create a new workflow:  

  1. Go to Scanner Pro Settings.
  2. Scroll to Workflows.
  3. Tap Add Workflow.
  4. Select actions for your workflow. 

As an example, the workflow that saves an image to specific Dropbox folder and sends it to an email address can be created this way:  

  1. Choose Upload to Dropbox action.
  2. Choose Dropbox folder to which a document needs to be uploaded as well as file format.
  3. Click Add Action.
  4. Choose Send by Email.
  5. Enter email address of the recipient.
  6. Enter the name of the workflow and click Save.

To use a workflow, click Share option after scanning your document and choose your workflow.

Workflows are not limited to two actions, you can add as many actions as you want.

Limitations for using the tool:

  • Save to Folder and Delete cannot be in the same Workflow
  • No possibility to move Delete (It will be the final step of your workflow)
  • Some of the actions can be applied only once (Photos, Save to Folder, Delete)
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