2.5. Work with stamps

How to add a Stamp

We have a collection of standard stamps which you can use in your documents.

To add a stamp, just open your file > click on the sidebar > Standard > choose the stamp you need > tap where you want to insert it.

You can also easily change the size of the added stamp:

How to create a Custom Stamp

PDF Expert allows adding any picture from Photo Library to a PDF file as a Custom Stamp. You can find images on the web or create them on a Desktop computer and then import to the Photo Library.

PDF Expert supports transparency for *.png images. Adding transparent shapes, like grid lines for math graphs or company logos, is easy with the Custom stamp feature.

To add a Custom Stamp:  

  1. Tap and hold on a part of the page without text.
  2. Select Stamp from the pop-up menu
  3. Tap Custom
  4. Tap Edit   
  5. Tap +
  6. Choose the type of the custom stamp:
  • Image Stamp to create a stamp of an image from Photos.
  • Or choose Text Stamp to create a text stamp with any text and the current date and time. 

Note: The generated stamp will be saved as a Custom Stamp. The date and time on the stamp are changed automatically.

How to delete or copy a stamp

If you need to delete or copy an added Stamp, tap on it and choose Delete or Copy option.

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