2.2. How to print photos

To print one photo using the Photo tab within Printer Pro app, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Printer Pro.   
  2. Select the Photos tab in the left side menu.    
  3. Select Camera Roll or Photo Library.
  4. Choose the photo.    
  5. Tap Print in the upper right corner.   

Note: To give Printer Pro access to your Photos: go to Settings > tap Privacy > select Photos > turn On the Printer Pro toggle. 

To print multiple images from the Photos application, follow these steps:  

  1. Open the Photos application.
  2. Tap Select .
  3. Choose several images.
  4. Tap on the Actions button  .
  5. Select Print with Printer Pro.       

  6. After that the pop-up menu Select Printer should appear. 
  7. Select PDF Printer from the list of Added printers and tap Print > Done.
  8. Open Printer Pro > Documents > open your file > Options > select layout (1 for page, 2 for page etc.) 
  9. Print.

If you cannot find your printer model or want to set the paper orientation or size, you can tap More Options button. The application will be automatically closed the Photos app and Printer Pro will be launched. The file will be opened in the Documents tab. To configure print options, tap Print > Print Options > Print.



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