2.3. How to print emails

To print the text of your email copy it to the Clipboard.

To copy the text of the email:

  1. Tap & hold on it until blue markers appear. 
  2. Drag blue markers to expand the selection area.
  3. Tap Copy. 
  4. Open Printer Pro. 
  5. Go to the Clipboard tab. The text of the email will appear there, ready to print.

To include the To and From fields in the printed text tap on the arrow at the top of the screen and select Forward. After this copy the text and open the Printer Pro Clipboard tab.

To print an email attachment:

  1. Tap and hold on the attachment icon.
  2. Tap Print with Printer Pro. 
In case the attachment is an image (photo, graphics etc.) do this:
  1. Tap & hold on the attachment icon.
  2. Select Save Image in the pop-up menu.
  3. Open the Printer Pro app and go to the Photo tab.
  4. Select the newly saved image and print it.
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