2.4. How to print a web page

To print Safari web pages without password protection you can follow one of these patterns:

  1. use Printer Pro extension to print the web page. Tap Actions button on Safari web page > Print with Printer Pro. 
  2. select and copy the URL of the web page in the Safari address bar. After that, go to Printer Pro and open the Clipboard tab, the web page should be there ready to print;
  3. add'phttp://' to the beginning of the page URL in Safari address bar. The link will look like: 'phttp://readdle.com/'. The Printer Pro application will be launched automatically.

To print secure Safari web pages, follow the steps below:

  1. Copy the URL of the web page or use the 'phttp://' method.
  2. Open the Clipboard tab.  
  3. Login to your web page via the Clipboard tab. According to the fact that Printer Pro contains the built-in web browser, your secure web page should be opened in Printer Pro as well.  
  4. Once the login page appears, type your credentials and the necessary web page should be opened in the Clipboard tab.

If you do not use the Safari browser, you can copy a content of a web page and print it via the Clipboard tab. For this:  

  1. Tap and hold on the web page (the place without active elements) to select its contents.    
  2. Once selected, tap Copy.  
  3. Go to Printer Pro.

A part of the page copied, you will find within the Clipboard tab. 

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