2.9. How to print from Microsoft OneDrive

With the Printer Pro application you can easy print files via the Printer Pro extension.

To print a file from the OneDrive application, follow these steps:  

1. Enable Printer Pro extension on а device with iOS 8

2. Open the file within OneDrive. 

3. Tap on the bottom toolbar.

4. Select the Open in Another App button.  

5. Select Print with Printer Pro.

6. Once the Select Printer dialog appears, check if the correct printer was selected and tap Print.

If you cannot find your printer model in the list or want to set the print range, paper orientation, size, you can tap More Options button. The application will be automatically closed the Box app and Printer Pro will be launched. The file will be opened in the Documents tab. To configure print options, tap Print > Print Options > Print.

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