1.7. ShareFile/SugarSync support

ShareFile and SugarSync support are not available in PDF Expert 6 and later versions. Here are the workarounds that will help with using these cloud storage services:


  • You can access ShareFile files from the native app with Open In menu: 
  1. Install ShareFile app on your iOS device.
  2. Open the app, select the file and make it Available Offline.
  3. Select it once again, tap Open In and choose Copy to PDF Expert.
  • You can access your files with WebDAV protocol (for non-Enterprise accounts):
  1. Log in to your account on ShareFile.com. 
  2. Enable WebDAV access for your Sharefile account. 
  3. Check your user’s credentials in Personal Settings > Advanced Connections > WebDAV Settings.

       4. Create a WebDAV connection using the credentials.                    

  • Via iCloud Drive > Locations > ShareFile. 


Install the SugarSync app on your iOS device; open the app and transfer the file to PDF Expert with Open In feature.

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